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icon Astronomy topics, scopes, projects, lifts, etc.
Pages presently offline for rework
icon Clear Sky Charts flanking ThadLABS including a SF Bay Area map showing all CSCs in the SF Bay Area
icon Using a Meade LX200 astronomical telescope as a DSLR telephoto lens
icon Pulse Width Modulation circuit for illuminating finder scopes
icon Celestron SkyScout firmware download page
icon SynScan firmware download page for SkyWatcher EQ-6, Orion Atlas EQ-G, Orion Sirius, and Orion SkyView Pro telescope mounts
icon Celestron SkyScout Day 1 and 2 product review with photos and testing information.
icon Information about the Rolamite bearing, one of the 20th Century's most important discoveries in mechanics
icon Official archive of MAPUG [www.mapug-astronomy.net, now offline] with the permission of MAPUG's original webmaster.
MAPUG = Meade Advanced Products Users Group.
icon Historical, hysterical, technical and other videos
icon Potpourri of paper, plastic and electronic planispheres I've collected since 1954.
icon Comparison of Gimp 2.6.6 vs Photoshop 7.0 downscaling images for use as thumbnails. The choice of which program to use is very obvious.
icon Polar to ecliptic GIF animation of all asteroids.  Produced using XEphem: [Wikipedia XEphem] [XEphem home]
icon Button-selectable list of important news sites.
icon Solar system GIF animation from 2006 to 2035 spanning a few days more than one solar orbit by Saturn.  Produced using XEphem: [Wikipedia XEphem] [XEphem home]
icon LaserDisc information
icon 3D animation of Jupiter from a static astrophotograph by Damian Peach, a noted astrophotographer, using the free 3Dfication program (details at YouTube via 'Show more' or About).
icon How to tie a tie (don't ask :-)

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